Learn How To Contribute To Your First Opensource Project In 5 Minutes

Learn How To Contribute To Your First Opensource Project In 5 Minutes


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Have you ever wanted to contribute to a project you liked on Github but didn't know how to?

Here's is a complete guide for you. ↓

Step 1: Explore

Find a project that you want to contribute to. Here I use as an example one of my favourite open source project SuperTokens


Step 2: Read guidelines

Most projects will have contributions guidelines that you have to follow.

Note: Mostly will be in a file similar to the "Contribution MD" file.


Step 3: Fork the repository

This will create a copy of the project under your profile.


Step 4: Clone the repository

To obtain a copy of the code in your local machine with which you can work.


Step 5: Add your code

Please create a new branch, add your changes to the code and push it back to the repository.

Here's a simple git reference guide for you → Gitsheet

Step 6: Pull request

This will let the maintainers of the original repository that we want to submit some contribution.


Step 7: Provide a description

Explain the all changes you made, which issues it fixes and whatever the reviewers know.

Step 8: Discuss

The reviewers will go through your code, ask questions and provide suggestions to which you have to respond to.

Make changes to your code and push them. Once the reviewers are happy, they will merge your code with the main project.

That's it! If you run into any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.